The Soldier’s Scoundrel

Soldiers Scoundrel Quote 2The Soldier’s Scoundrel is coming out from Avon Impulse on September 20th! It’s an opposites-attract love story about two men from very different backgrounds in Regency London.

Oliver Rivington returns home from the Napoleonic Wars craving the safe predictability of a gentleman’s life: a whirl of dinners and tea parties, no bullets or bloodshed whatsoever. When he discovers that a ne’er-do-well named Jack Turner has involved Oliver’s sister in a game that plays fast and loose with the law, he’ll do whatever it takes to stop this blackguard and protect his family. Oliver knows all too well what happens when men take the law into their own hands, and he has the haunting memories to prove it.

Growing up in London’s slums, Jack Turner never scrupled to commit any crime that would put food in his belly and keep his family safe. Now he uses his criminal talents to help people who need the kind of assistance only a scoundrel can provide. The last thing Jack needs is a self-righteous prig poking his nose into one of Jack’s cases. High-born gentlemen can’t be trusted to look out for anyone but themselves.

Although disgusted with himself for wanting anything to do with an uptight aristocrat, Jack takes pleasure in watching Oliver’s genteel polish crumble whenever they’re together. Oliver is terrified to discover that his faith in rules and laws might be outweighed by his yearning for one unapologetic criminal. In each other, they see a chance to have a connection that neither has experienced before.

Faced with mutual distrust, a conflict of ideals, and the censure of society, the two men have to decide whether their spark of attraction is actually a flame.

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