Coming Soon

It Takes Two to Tumble is the story of a bossy sea captain and a free-spirited vicar. It’ll come out in December and will be the first book in the Sedgwick series: three m/m regencies about the sons of a radical, slightly unhinged poet loosely inspired by Coleridge.

I’m also writing a series of queer-ish but not m/m regencies. The series title is Regency Impostors, and the first book (Unmasked by the Marquess) will come out in spring 2018. It’s the story of a servant who dresses as a man to impersonate her employer, and then accidentally falls in love with a prickly bisexual aristocrat.

Idle Hands is a novella about Molly Wilkins, the lady’s maid on the make we met in The Soldier’s Scoundrel. She teams up with a spinster who was cast off by her family. They redress wrongs, they fall in love, they steal things. I have no idea when it’s coming out (a lot depends on whether I decide to self publish it) but since people ask, I thought I’d mention it here.