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Not sure where to start? If you’re looking for tropey fun and a queer play on the rake/wallflower pairing, try The Ruin of a Rake. If you’re looking for angst and hurt/comfort, try A Gentleman Never Keeps Score. If you want something short and weepy, try Tommy Cabot Was Here. If you like your romance with a little murder sprinkled on top, try Hither, Page.

Newest release! The Queer Principles of Kit Webb (Kit and Percy). (There will be a second book in this series, but it doesn’t have a title and I can’t tell you the couple without divulging some serious spoilers for the first book.)

Turner Series: The Turner series is a trilogy of loosely-related Regency-set romances that take place from 1816-17, plus a novella that takes place slightly later. Each of the books in this series is a standalone, but this is the chronological order:

  1. The Soldier’s Scoundrel (Jack and Oliver)
  2. The Lawrence Browne Affair (Lawrence and Georgie)
  3. The Ruin of a Rake (Courtenay and Julian)
  4. A Little Light Mischief (Molly and Alice)

Sedgwick Series: The Sedgwick Series is about the sons of a radical, slightly unhinged romantic poet. They take place in Regency England. Each book is a standalone, but this is the chronological order:

  1. It Takes Two to Tumble (Phillip and Ben) 
  2. A Gentleman Never Keeps Score (Hartley and Sam)
  3. Two Rogues Make a Right (Will and Martin)

Regency Impostor Series: a trilogy of queer romances set in England during and slightly after the Regency. They all take place in the same universe with loosely related characters.

  1. Unmasked by the Marquess (Alistair and Charity)
  2. A Duke in Disguise (Verity and Ash)
  3. A Delicate Deception (Amelia and Sydney)

Page & Sommers: A doctor with PTSD and a lonely spy team up to solve mysteries in postwar Britain.

  1. Hither, Page
  2. untitled but mostly finished book two, coming late fall 2021

The Cabots: A series of short novels and novellas set in America in the late 1950s and early 1960s, revolving around a prominent American political family. 

  1. Tommy Cabot Was Here
  2. Peter Cabot Gets Lost (coming late summer 2021)
  3. untitled and mostly unwritten Pat & Harry 

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