News & Miscellany

February 2019

  • An essay of mine is in Heyer Society: Essays on the Literary Genius of Georgette Heyer. My essay isn’t called “Why Can’t I Quit You, Georgette” but it could have been. (Here’s a buy link for a paperback at version The Ripped Bodice but it’s also available in e-book form wherever you buy books)

August 2018

  • I wrote a longish essay in the Los Angeles Review of Books about how the narrative structure of romance novels can make us more empathetic

February 2018

  • I talked to Jenny and Sarah on the Wicked Wallflowers podcast
  • Kelly Faircloth interviewed me about queering historical romance and about a million other things at Jezebel

December 2017

  • Here are some of my favorite books of the year over at Binge on Books
  • I wrote about comfort food and comfort reading at Fresh Fiction (Bonus: my gluten free, dairy free sugar cookie recipe)

August 2017

  • I wrote a bit for Read a Romance Month about how fiction helped me as I recovered from postpartum depression.

July 2017

  • I wrote about some of my favorite LGBTQ+ historical romances at Bookish.
  • Over at Joyfully Jay, I talked about that experience where average experiences seem sublime when you’re with someone you care about.
  • You can hear me ramble about all manners of things during an interview at Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast (Episode 92).

May 2017

  • I wrote a guest post for the Rainbow Trend column at USA Today’s HEA blog about one of my favorite tropes: characters who get snowed in at a cabin or inn or wherever. Throw some enemies together in a cabin and come take my money, fellow authors.
  • I’ve been thinking about disability, mental health, and neurodiversity representation in romance and wrote about it over at the Open Ink Perspectives blog. I got so many awesome recommendations I made a Goodreads shelf of some of them.